A World Beyond

Thursday 10th February, 5–7pm

Come and enjoy a jamboree of free performance.  The foyer and bars of Colston Hall will be filled with talent, tricks and tunes.  Sip a drink, relax and enjoy the show!
A World Beyond follows the serious business of A World in Waiting with a dizzying display of talent – professionals, young people, performers from the community – acts from all over the UK and further afield.  Drop in for as long as you like – A World Beyond is free and open to everyone!

See the list of performers below:

Capoeira School Semente da Senzala Haarlem, Holland
Capoeira was developed by slaves in Brazil as a stealth strategy to outwit and combat their captors. This Brazilian art form will be presented by a Dutch Capoeira group in the United Kingdom; a fine example of how a marginalised group of people managed to inspire the world. Capoeira School Semente da Senzala offers community classes and workshops for children and adults, including a recently developed programme for teenagers with Autism.


Cosmos Choir
The Cosmos Choir is an exciting group of young singers aged 8–13 from South Bristol, led by musical directors Laurie Gethin and Mark Lawrence, funded and managed through the education programme of St George’s Bristol.  Cosmos meets for weekly after-school rehearsals at Knowle Park Primary, with members coming from a number of local primary and secondary schools. www.stgeorgesbristol.co.uk

Keith Hyett – Guitar
Instumental guitar music to take you on journeys around the world.
The guitar music of Keith Hyett comes from the heart, and is full of emotion. His inspiration is the natural world and the world where he lives. This is music to help relax you as well as inspire you. www.keithhyett.co.uk

FaunusEnchanting lyrical tones upon the triple flute and pipe from a fantasical furry-legged faun.

The Green People
The Green People are emissaries of The Fun Revolution. They come in peace with the simple message to “dance like nobody is watching, love like you’ve never been hurt, sing like nobody is listening and live like it’s heaven on earth”.


Pax Nindi aka Harare Dread
Pax Nindi is known as the Master of Afrikan roots reggae, currently releasing his 16th album “Povo” recorded as a collaboration with Brazilian and Afrikan musicians. Although known in Bristol as the international Carnival guru, to his fans he is known as the radical  Harare Dread whom for over 20 years has toured globally with his original brand of Afrikan reggae which critics describe as thought provoking, dry and heavy. “On stage Pax is a site not to miss” – Timeout
Povo album blog – www.paxnindi.tumblr.com
Website – www.hararedread.net
Music – www.cdbaby.com/paxnindi
Listen here ->POVO

The Original Spinners
Clown inspired dance improvisation Collective.  We are inspired by music and dance, the beauty of natural movement, living in the moment and responding to the present. It is a project that has happiness and play at its heart.

Dance Voice
Dance Voice offers Dance Movement Psychotherapy and Education to Masters level, leading to registration with the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapists. We help client groups with many diverse difficulties including those with learning difficulties, acquired brain injury and mental health issues. Our Women’s Group will perform at A World Beyond


Bristol Refugee Rights Music
Members of the Bristol Refugee Rights group perform featuring the amazing voice of Bahman Salahshour.

“I love singing.” Tashi brings his powerful and mesmerising vocals to Colston Hall, performing ‘Om Mani’, a Tibetan meditational song, and offering parental advice through ‘Alaye’.

Chloë Goodchild
Out beyond ideas of right and wrong doing
There is a field, a singing field
I’ll meet you there


The Cloche
The Cloche is a spin off organisation from Totnes School of Dance, dedicated to developing the provision of professional level training opportunities for aspiring and practicing dancers in Bristol and across the South West region. Our current focus is the establishment of a dance-led Free School in Bristol to enable young people to discover their potential and follow their dreams. www.totnesdance.com For information on The Cloche, please email the_cloche@live.co.uk

Jukebox Juniors
Jukebox Juniors are an elite group of talented and passionate dancers who have recieved training at Jukebox Studios. Jukebox Studios is committed to giving opportunities to privileged and under-privileged members of the community and continues to make dance accessible to everyone. http://twitter.com/jukeboxstudios

Kerry Scorah
Magic with a touch of mischeif

Ursula Monn
A beautiful performance of interwoven percussive patterns with melodic accents and tunes on an original Swiss made instrument, called HANG

Liz Mitchell
MovementorCommunication, Creativity & Fun
A World Beyond is programmed and project managed by Liz Mitchell.


The Roles We Play
ATD Fourth World is an anti-poverty organisation that engages with individuals and institutions to find solutions to eradicate extreme poverty.
Working in partnership with people affected by poverty, ATD Fourth World’s work focuses on supporting families and influencing policies.
ATD Fourth World is a member of the International Movement ATD Fourth World, a Non-Governmental Organisation working in 28 countries throughout the developed and developing world.

Website: www.atd-uk.org

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