While these events have been mounted by the Pierian Centre, the success of February 10th depends on the energy and talents of a wide range of partners and suppliers.

The Pierian Centre –  

Vivian Broughton –
Liz Martins –
Liz Martins & Vivian Broughton  – Constellations Open Space Partnership –
Liz Mitchell –
The Department for Work & Pensions
Mark Simmons –
Luke Wiles –
Adrian Baxter –
Simon Howlett
Katie Morrison –
H Bar –
Colston Hall –
Quista –
Balloon Buddies –
Bristol Office Furniture –  
Ruth Burger –
Watershed  –
Liz Crew (ExtraVerte Ltd)
Tim Denning (ExtraVerte Ltd)
The Writing Edge
The Bristol Partnership
The Federal Government of Belgium Planning Service for Social Inclusion
Ways 2 work  – (managed by the Regeneration Team within Bristol City Council)
St George’s Bristol

And most important of all a large team of dedicated volunteers!

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