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An opportunity for all who attended to comment on the day and for those who visit our website.

Feedback sent to us via email:

“I really enjoyed the event and met a lot of people from diverse backgrounds but all ready and eager to discuss solutions rather than just focus on the problems. The whole of Bristol owe you and the team at the Pierian Centre a big thank you for pulling off the event and helping to draw European eyes to the work and energy that already exists in Bristol.”

“Congratulations and thank you! Wonderful, big ideas; great central venue; marvellous, gracious team; astonishing individuals! Another ambitious plan pulled off – well done”

“I feel marginalised, but today was inspiring with the opportunity to contribute”

“Poverty is not a lack of money, rather a lack of access – not having networks or friends. Get to know your neighbours.”

“I am impressed that people are challenging poverty. It is fantastic.”

“There’s an importance of having conversations about things that matter through creating a cafe society. There is massive potential for grass roots activism. This needs seed funding.”

“Young people should be listened to, understood and represented. I’m grateful for the year and this event. One group I’m involved with wouldn’t have been able to start without this programme.”

“Thank’s so much for the day it really was great, actually got a lot of different ideas than I expected!”

 “It really felt like there was a positive energy going around.”

“It was a wonderful day, firstly because one knew that everyone there had the same ‘mission’. I am still buzzing from the discussions from those who gathered around my floating balloon  to ponder ‘How can we break down barriers between communities?’. We had people from many different roles and we discovered the brilliant activities that some were engaged in.”

“Thank you Pierian for providing the opportunity for many sincere and like minded folk to move forward on their own agendas and bring people on board with new ideas!”

“I have great ideas about how the ‘smile club’ (I know there is one already as he joined the group) might become a symbol for breaking down barriers!”

Feedback from direct posting to the website:

Submitted on 2011/03/04 at 5:16 am
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Claire Smith
Submitted on 2011/02/12 at 3:44 pm
I had an Excellent day and I am so glad I decided to go!! I especially enjoyed hearing the touching poem by Katie Morrision. The only thing I would like to add as a reflective point of discussion is the current housing situation/shortage in Bristol. The topic of housing came up in one of the conversations I was involved in, and I think the topic should become a new one. Indeed, I feel that my housing situation negatively affects so many aspects of my family’s life. Thank you to everybody who spoke, and to those who listened to my voice. Empowering!

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    thanks for sharing this information. great, keep it up.

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