A World in Waiting is direct democracy

Thursday 10th February, 10am–5pm
Colston Hall – free!
Do you dream of a fairer future?
Are you happy with the world around you? 


A World in Waiting is a chance to have your say, to hear from others – and to change the way we do things.
Democracy is more than putting a cross on a piece of paper once every 5 years.  Democracy is caring about the world around you – caring enough to share your ideas and experience.
A World in Waiting gives you the chance to fill the Colston Hall with energy and ideas – an exercise in direct democracy.  Come along and help us develop 5 “policy asks” for government – and pioneer a new way of working together.  There will be representatives from Europe there and from across the UK.  There will be a team from the Department for Work & Pensions there – but everyone will have the same standing.  There will be no panel of experts – everyone is expert in their own experience and their own ideas.  This is the beginning of something big – a bold and exciting way of imagining our Future!
A World in Waiting is a new way to involve you as a citizen.  A World in Waiting uses Open Space as the vehicle to create this democratic process. You choose the topics.  You voice your thoughts.  And you produce the solutions!

Might this be Bristol’s Big Society in action?

Don’t miss the boat!  Take this chance to build a Fairer Future!

Book your free ticket now on 0117 922 3686!

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